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Selmas Praktikum bei Acticell

Selma Köhler hat voriges Jahr ein vierwöchiges Forschungspraktikum bei Articell gemacht

Hier sind ihre Eindrücke über ihr Praktikum.


acticell Bild


ACTICELL is developing environmentally friendly products for bleaching, dyeing, and pre-treatments for the better absorption of dye for denim fabric. ACTICELL is also part of the R&D project “eco-friendly bleaching of Jeans”. Although the experiments in the laboratory consumed most of my time at ACTICELL, my supervisors still managed to explain a lot of basic chemistry theory to me in-between. I learned a lot about cellulose and the dyeing and bleaching process. I was also recommended impressive media material about jeans production that illustrated the urgency of the changes that the company aims to achieve.




Persönliche Eindrücke:

Since I had barely any knowledge or experience in the field of chemistry, let alone working in a chemical research facility, I did not think that I could achieve much before I started my traineeship. As it turned out, I was wrong. Each day, I felt like I could help to take little steps towards the company’s goal: to make the textile industry less harmful for everyone. The team’s outstanding competence and dedication to their cause even convinced me to re-think my career choices. Thanks to the careful explanations, I understood how much can be improved in the field of chemistry that could help a significant amount of people. This led me to a newfound enthusiasm and excitement for chemical processes, and I now even consider studying chemistry and pursue a career in this field.

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