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Wordrap: Carla Barreiros

Portraitfoto: Barreiros
Portraitfoto: Barreiros







Carla Barreriros arbeitet im Know Center in Graz, sie arbeitet im Bereich Software-Engineering, Computergrafik , Bereich Bildung und Lernen. fti…remixed hat sie  bei der IMAGINE-IK2T Konferenz interviewt.

Wordrap: Carla Barreiros


    1. As an adolescent, my most favourable thing to do was:
      drawing and painting
    2. My favourite subject in school was:
      guess what? … computer class
    3. If I would start my studies now I would choose:
      Law and Data Security
    4. My role model is:
      Instead of a role model, I’ll share my favourite quote “Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michaelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein.” H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
    5. For me research is: a way to explore our world thinking outside of the box, and hoping that we can contribute for a better world
    6. What I would like to invent is:
      a teleportation device, so that I can travel at my heart’s desire in a blink of an eye. For now Virtual Reality will have to do it 😉
    7. My Research Item (image) is: Sorry but I need two items! A pyramid and a coffee machine

      Forschungsgegenstände Barreiros
      Forschungsgegenstände Barreiros
    8. What I am currently working on is:
      Determine the impact of communicate sensory data from connected devices (e.g. industrial machines, home appliances) through a nature inspired visual language using augmented reality. We are performing experiences to see if people “take better care” of a machine if they perceive it has being connected with a virtual tree. This tree reflects the status of the machine in real time, reacting when people perform maintenance, or refill water (e.g. losing leaves if the water level is low). Can you imagine if a factory looked like a forest?
    9. When young people decide about their professional careers, I would like to tell them:
      to follow their passion and talents, and make sure that they enjoy it and it is worth the effort.
    10. I would like to talk about the following prejudice in relation to science/scientist: Women role in computer science and Technology
    11. My favourite video on YouTube is: I like to watch time lapse videos like this one
Monarch Butterfly Metamorphosis time-lapse FYV

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